Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

We follow a strict and professional standard of cleanliness here at Efinity labs. Making sure to always wear hair nets and beard nets if necessary as well as clean room jackets and separate shoes from the factory.


When somebody orders here at Efinity labs we first break down everything we need to do. We order in ingredients, bottles, labels and packaging.


Once we have our ingredients, we can begin the mixing process by accurately measuring out our ingredients on our industrial scales into our barrels.


Once mixed, We allow at minimum 1 week for all mix's to steep, to ensure all ingredients have been mixed thoroughly for amazing taste and consistency.


Once the liquid has steeped, we will then take it downstairs to the filling clean room. Depending on the liquid depends on the machine we will use to fill. Our clean room consists of three machines a fully automatic with a labelling machine attached used for 10ml bottles only, a semi-automatic machine where we can switch between 10mls and 60mls and hand fill machine where we fill 30mls, 60mls and 120mls. Once filled the liquid then goes onto the shelves in the factory waiting to be labelled.


Once the liquid has been filled it is then ready for labelling. Our labelling machine can be altered to label any sized bottle from 10ml up to 120ml. Once batch coded and labelled, we send the batch through to be packed by our packing team.


Once the labelled bottles are with the packing team they will then pack the bottles accordingly, from there the team will put the packed bottles onto their assorted shelves ready to be picked for orders.


Once the orders have been processed our picking team will pick the items off the shelves and pack them into the boxes, we send direct to customers or on to pallets ready to ship to direct to our distributors all over World.


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